Friday, August 7, 2015


Outfit 1
Sunglasses :
Black Playsuit ; DIY
White Lace Jumpsuit ;
Converse  ; Carboot Sale
Outfit 2
Orange Bralet ; Urban Outfitters
Shoes ; TKMAX
Outfit 3
Sunglasses ;
Black Maxi Dress ; H&M
Black Kimono ; Mum's
Orange Jelly Sandals ; Select
Outfit 4
Sunglasses ;
Nude Top ; Thrifted
Black Jeans ; Thrifted
Jacket ; Vintage
Shoes ; TKMAX

New Dress kindly sent me this beautiful items to style and this is how i would style the pieces. I can't get over how amazing this sunglasses are, such a good quality and so cheap!!! I need more of this kind of sunglasses!!! I really like how this play suit looks on me, its really light and makes you look sexy. Perfect for the summer. 

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